Primus Saver announces new Unlimited Broadband at £2 per month

The ISP Primus Saver has announced a new ‘Unlimited Broadband’ package that will cost from about £2 a month, for the first 6 months, but £4 thereafter. This new package is cheaper than one they offered earlier and may effectively undercut some of the biggest internet providers in UK. Primus Max was the previous “unlimited” package, priced as low as £8.99 a month. Customers have to take now Primus Saver’s Line Rental with the bundle, that costs £10 every month, but need be paid 12 months in advance. Or it can be paid monthly for £14.50 instead. Primus Saver Unlimited Broadband users will not be applied the download limits or traffic management, says Pimus Saver. This introductory offer is announced to run up to 30 June, 2013, according to the company. This service compliments their super-cheap £1.20 per month package but has 20GB usage allowance. The price for the new package applies only when you pay by Direct Debit. Other modes of payment will cost £2 extra per month and a paper bill an additional £2 a month. The company states typical download speeds to be up to 15 Mbps, with free evening and weekend calls within UK. You also get UK-based customer service and free Technical Support. Get also free activation and a free Wireless Router, on the 18-month contract. The half price is for 6 months.

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