PlusNet showcases UK’s increasing demand for Netflix internet movie streaming

PlusNet, a broadband ISP provider, has showcased UK’s increasing demand for the Netflix internet movie streaming facility, during the past six to seven months. In fact, PlusNet has published a graph on their network detailing the changes in consumer internet traffic for the Netflix TV as well as the movie streaming services. PlusNet has also revealed that over 3 million households in the UK are predicted to be Netflix customers, out of which, 1.5 million alone have joined during the last year.

What’s more, despite a steady price increase, the demand for Netflix internet movie streaming is all the more increasing by the day. Towards giving a more detailed analysis, PlusNet has included YouTube also in the graph for a head-to-head comparison with Netflix itself. While the consumer data on internet traffic is mainly driven by the broadband internet video streaming factor, PlusNet’s comparison graph clearly shows that though YouTube is contributing more to the overall traffic, Netflix displays the ‘significant peak’ growth.

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