Philips 4331 MSN/VOIP Compatible Digital Cordless Telephone

Philips has introduced a range of VoIP phones that offers excellent VoIP services. Philips 4331 MSN/VOIP Compatible Digital Cordless Telephone is a valuable addition to company line-up of VoIP devices. This cordless VoIP phone with improved calling capabilities and VoIP features offers cost-efficient calling solutions.

The handset, featuring a LCD display, numeric keypad and controls eases your everyday use. Along with function buttons like Speakerphone button, recall button and navigator key, the device supports Voice message waiting indicator, new call indicator, line status indicator and power indicator. The backlit, colour screen displays information like Battery status, message status, e-mail message and alarm mode.

Packed with enhanced calling features such as Caller ID, Call Hold, Call Transfer and Call Waiting, it expands the usage choices. The device also offers support for Conference Call and Voice Mail. You will also find features like Intercom, Ringer Control, 120 Phone Directory and Speakerphone very useful.

This cordless phone is powered with rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that offers Up to 600 min talk time and Up to 100 h stand by time. In case the battery is low, the Audible Battery Alert warns the user regarding it. This device supports Windows Live Messenger BoIP service. Philips 4331 MSN/VOIP Compatible Digital Telephone can be used as a normal phone or as VoIP device. At the press of a Messenger key, you can access all your contacts.

This VoIP device comes complete with 2 AAA Battery, Base station VOIP 433

Charger, CDROM, 1 power supply for charger, 1 power supply for base station and Line Cord and line adaptor.

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