Panasonic Avionics brings In-flight Satellite Broadband

Panasonic Avionics Corporation, which has its regional office in Berkshire, has announced that they have entered into a deal with Inmarsat – one of the Satellite Operators in the UK for deployment of high speed broadband of GX Aviation platform to provide high speed in-flight wifi to the airlines.

The GX Aviation platform known as Global Xpress network provides consistent connectivity and no drop outs in satellite beams. The GX can be able to deliver around 50 mbps speed to each aircraft via Ka-band based satellite network of Inmarsat.

The service provider Inmarsat said that they can offer portfolio services for Panasonic and NEXT solutions say customer support services of Panasonic to other commercial aviation clients. In addition they both have a plan to collaborate for developing their next generation GX Aviation terminal & new connectivity based technologies and services.

Inmarsat CEO – Rupert Pearce said that their collaboration with Panasonic brings a market leading in-flight network connectivity (IFC) by combining expertise and capabilities of both the companies that offer for airlines, aircraft manufacturers & passengers. The in-flight connectivity is a fast, emerging and substantial sector where customer satisfaction and experience is very important. High quality and reliable network is the basic expectation of the passengers which helps in securing competitive position of airlines in the market.

Getting faster and reliable connectivity inside the flights is a great thing and the new deal of Panasonic is really of good news.

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