Pan-EU satellite footprint helps EC claim 100% digital coverage

The European Commission now claims to have reached 100% coverage of basic broadband, which is part of the Digital Agenda strategy. With the help of updated fixed line technologies (ADSL, Fibre-optic, etc.) broadband is able to reach 96.1% of European Union households. Again, with the use of Mobile Broadband services (3G, 4G) coverage has reached 99.4% and now with satellite technology 100% is now achievable.

Earlier, satellite technology was not thought of as a viable alternative, but the significant progress over the last 2-3 years has changed things. Now about 148 satellites are providing services and cots too have come down marginally. But there are capacity problems here, leading to traffic throttling and latency. Satellite technology is of course very useful in bringing connectivity to remote areas, but has inherent limitations and so alternatives should be continued to be explored, to deliver communication effectively.

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