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Juice Broadband expands FWA network to East Dorset and West Hampshire

November 18th, 2017 by admin
Juice Broadband has announced expansion of their broadband network coverage into new areas of East Dorset and West Hampshire. The Poole-based provider has extended their fibre-optic supported Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service, capable of 50Mbps, using a transmission tower installed in Christchurch on St Catherines Hill. The ISP already has coverage over Poole and Bournemouth towns and the new tower adds Hightown, Matchams, Bisterne, Shirley, Bockhampton, Burton, Noth Kingston, Avon, Winkton, S... Read More»

BT to push ultra-fast broadband roll out in Northern Ireland with £20 million investment

November 17th, 2017 by admin
Telecom giant BT has revealed that it is injecting a £20 million commercial investment for Northern Ireland. This money will “predominantly” help the deployment of their network, on FTTP tech, capable of 1Gbps, to reach a further 140,000 homes and businesses, by March 2019. This will be the biggest ever commercial investment, claims BT, by any private sector company, and will push Northern Ireland (NI) connectivity from super-fast to ultra-fast. The teleology, capable of one Gigabit speed, ... Read More»

EE's 5G mobile broadband trial delivers 2.8Gbps in test lab

November 16th, 2017 by admin
Mobile operator EE joining hands with networking vendor Huawei, have tested their first 5G networking trial in its UK test lab. The trial has yeilded a consistent download speed of 2.8Gbps on an end-to-end 5G network, using an active antenna unit with 64x64 MIMO broadcasting. The virtualised 5G core network of EE was linked via 100MHz of the 3.5 GHz spectrum band, using the proof-of-concept 5G baseband unit of Huawei. The test delivered a consistent 2.8Gbps downlink throughput across the end-to-... Read More»

Vodafone offers the cheapest broadband deals and reaches 278,000 users

November 15th, 2017 by admin
Vodafone is making its broadband packages the cheapest in the county. Vodafone is reported to be dropping the set up fees for broadband packages. They have recently cut £5 off the monthly price of two superast fibre home broadband packages. That makes their Unlimited Fibre 38 (up to 38Mbps) package, just £20 and the Unlimited Fibre 76 (up to 76Mbps) package, just £25, with no set up fee and with unlimited usage. Both come on a 18-month minimum contract period. The Black Friday deals kick-off ... Read More»

Consumers today not preferring bundles of Broadband, TV and landline phone

November 14th, 2017 by admin
More number of people are not selecting a bundle for their broadband, TV and landline phone services put together in a package. This has been found out by research of Rootmetrics, as 15% of consumers have 'cut the cord' and another 18% are planning to do it by end of the year. Nearly half of those who pulled out, say they are moving off from triple-play services just because they see they aren't getting good enough value for money. Another 28% said they have more confidence in their broadband se... Read More»
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