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O2 to use new 2.3GHz mobile spectrum to upgrade 4G services

April 28th, 2018 by admin
O2, a major mobile operator of the UK, had squired through Ofcom's recent auction, the 2.3GHz spectrum band, a frequency fit fir 4G services and they will not be wasting time in the rapid deployment O2 intends switching on of services via 1,000 sites spread nationwide, by the end of the year. O2 was the only bidder to acquire the bandwidth, which apparently is one of the best to put immediately into use, as the spectrum bandwidth is currently supported by numerous smartphone models and many coun... Read More»

EE sets up 90 masts to boost 4G mobile coverage across Scotland

April 27th, 2018 by admin
With the completion of the 90th brand new mast, mobile operator EE has within the last 12 months boosted their landmass coverage of their 4G network to reach more than 75% of Scotland. However, overall landmass coverage of the UK by EE stands at 90%. EE (BT) intends to set up further additionally 200 mast sites across Scotland in the ensuing months, besides upgrading some of the existing 2G serving sites. The sites that have currently gone live are in Tarland and Ballogie (in Aberdeenshire), San... Read More»

Airband upgrades backhaul capacity that serves rural areas

April 26th, 2018 by admin
Airband, the wireless ISP, has taken steps to upgrade their backhaul capacity by deploying a new platform. By adopting the platform from Ceragon, the FibreAir IP-20, the ISP intends to deploy it as part of their ongoing rollout across rural parts, adding to equipment and services claimed to be a total of nearly £1.9 million from Ceragon. The ISP has won a number of contracts that are state aid supported to deploy superfast broadband to counties such as Devon, Shropshire and Somerset. The new u... Read More»

Hyperoptic to provide Gigabit broadband to Bellway South London sites

April 24th, 2018 by admin
Hyperoptic, the fibre-optic ISP, has got into a partnership with Bellway South London (BSL), the new build property developer, to supply hyperfast broadband on their FTTP/B network. This means that Hyperotic's service will be installed as part of the build stage providing access to hundreds of homes. The ISP aims to reach some 400,000 premises in their on-going rollout plans across the country. A sizeable chunk of it is in London and the provider is targeting 500,000 premises by 2019. Hyperopti... Read More»

Connexin is planning in Hull a £5 million Data Centre

April 21st, 2018 by admin
Connexin, the wireless broadband provider operating in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, has confirmed their plan to build a new data centre (CXNDC) by investing £5 million and to move into it as well. The new data centre being planned in their home city of Hull will also help the city to become one of the country's leading smart cities. The new 200 tray high-tech facility, will push the provider to create new jobs too, like engineers, sales staff, technicians and event managers and others. The... Read More»
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