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Cityfibre to build FTTH broadband for 5m homes with new funding of £2.5bn

October 29th, 2018 by admin
UK's Cityfibre has recently informed that a new fund of £2.5bn have been agreed to establish by their backers to help out them to extend deployment of their 1Gbps FTTH/P broadband network to reach about 5million UK premises in 37 cities by 2024. As of now, Cityfibre has a Dark Fibre network in 50 cities serving mainly public sector sites and businesses. Beyond this, the ISP is also making investment of £500m to bring a new FTTH network which vodafone is doing the work alongside to reach minimu... Read More»

Philip Jansen soon the BT Group's new CEO

October 28th, 2018 by admin
The leading telecoms organisation in the UK, BT Group has finally got new replacement for the position of Chief Executive Officer - Philip Jansen. He will take charge to replace the existing CEO Gavin Patterson who will be going out of the organisation on 31st January 2019. Philip Jansen (aged 51) is an ex-Worldpay Co-Chief. For the past few years, BT Group have not run successfully and have been facing downward trend in their share value which made their investors unhappy. However now its shar... Read More»

Community Fibre to adopt ADTRAN's XGS-PON Technology to homes & businesses

October 26th, 2018 by admin
One of the ISPs, Community Fibre, based at London has recently informed that they have beginned deployment of XGS-PON technology (symmetrical 10 Gbps) based ADTRAN roll out to homes and businesses. The first location which will be going to get benefited with such technology is city centre's music venue at the Steel Yard. CEO of Community Fibre - Jeremy Chelot last month said that they aspire to deploy FTTH based network to reach 1 million+ premises in the UK with their 10Gbps broadband services... Read More»

Vodafone grabbed the best mobile Video Streaming experience mobile network

October 25th, 2018 by admin
London based testing company, OpenSignal has recently named Vodafone as the best Mobile Network Operator for video streaming in data connection in the UK. The ISP was closely competed with its rival EE. OpenSignal is the global standard to measure mobile network experience. They do mobile analytics which brings transparency to the wireless industry by analysing and reporting experience on real time mobile networks. OpenSignal has done an analysis on video streaming performance globally, rankin... Read More»

5G Rural Broadband trial at Orkney

October 24th, 2018 by admin
Orkney is a group of islands situated in the northeastern coast of Scotland. Certain remote parts of the Orkney islands are still suffering with slow broadband network. They will be going to get benefited with an access to superfast broadband with an upload speed of upto 70 Mbps and download speeds of 20 Mbps. The broadband connectivity is a part of 5G based RuralFirst project and it was awarded with a public grant of £4.3 million in the beginning of this year to test the new wireless technolog... Read More»
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