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John Lewis Broadband offers free Lenovo Laptop

May 7th, 2018 by admin
John Lewis Broadband recently announced an offer of providing a Free Lenovo IdeaPad 120S Laptop to its new customers who subscribe for their broadband plans. This Lavish Freebie of providing a Free Lenovo Laptop is available when subscribing for any of their below plans: 1. Unlimited Broadband (upto 17 Mbps speed) with line rental of £22.50 per month for first 12 months and £26.50 per month for next contract term of 12 months. 2. Unlimited Fibre Broadband (upto 38 Mbps speed) with line rental ... Read More»

Post Office adopts ASA's new rule on average speed & Offers special prices on Broadband packages

May 5th, 2018 by admin
One of the UK's Internet Service Providers, Post Office also adopts the new rule of ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to display the average speed (download) of their broadband packages in their advertisements. By adopting this rule, their existing plans with “upto 17 Mbps” of unlimited broadband will become “average of 11 Mbps”. Their FTTC plans of “upto 38 Mbps” will become “average of 35 Mbps” and “upto 76 Mbps” as “average of 62 Mbps”. This new rule will ultimatel... Read More»

Shortlisted finalists for Connected Britain Award 2018

May 3rd, 2018 by admin
Connected Britain is an event of meeting point for entire telecom sector with associated partners and the event has been organised by Total Telecom for the past four years. With the motto of attainment of growth and finding new technology and development in digital sector, every year this event is being organised to discuss on specific objectives. As a part of Connected Britain 2018, the organiser had also announced for Connected Britain Awards in January 2018. The free entries for various categ... Read More»

UK Broadband Providers to follow New Rule of quoting Average Speed of broadband plans in advertising their Plans/Packages

May 1st, 2018 by admin
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) makes UK Broadband Providers to follow a new rule of quoting Average Speed of their broadband plans in the packages offered to the public from this month. This average speed will be determined at the peak time of a day say 8-10pm, which may differ to service providers. As of now, broadband providers are following 10% rule (the mentioned speed with a quoting of "upto" should be achieved by minimum of 10% customers) approved by ASA. Now ISPs are required to ad... Read More»

Lauch of Home Broadband service by Green ISP

April 30th, 2018 by admin
GreenISP is a little known provider in the UK. The non-profit internet provider has launched an up to 330Mbps capable ultrafast broadband package for homes, using technology. It comes with unlimited data usage allowance at prices starting from £41.99 per month. This package has charges of £105 for installation, but does not include line rental, offered on a contact term extending 12 months. The subscribers get a an email ID and a Static IP address. The ISP is also offering wholesale pac... Read More»
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