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Secure Web Services secured INCA’s quality mark

June 16th, 2019 by admin
TheIndependent Networks Co-operative Association is an association ofmembers, which was started last year that supports, builds andoperates independent interconnected networks to improve thedevelopment of their communities and permitting provision ofapplications and services through innovation, open competition anddiversity. The mark is given to motivate alternative networkproviders which follow the best practices in design, operations andperformance. TheINCA has recently awarded Gold Standa... Read More»

Ofcom’s new commitment – Fairness for Customers agreed by UK ISPs

June 12th, 2019 by admin
Mostof the phone, mobile, broadband and TV providers across the UK haverecently informed that they agree to sign up for the new Ofcom’scommitment of “Fairness for Customers”. The commitment includesvarious areas covering support quality, information clarity andfairness in pricing. Inrecent times, Ofcom has been doing the process of terms for betterconsumer protections in the telecom industry. They have launched manythings such as a code of practice for broadband speeds, automaticcompensat... Read More»

CEO of Ofcom Sharon White quits from the authority

June 11th, 2019 by admin
SharonWhite is the CEO of Ofcom, the telecom regulating authority of theUK. She has informed that she will quit Ofcom by around the turn ofthe year. Now the regulating authority starts searching for areplacement. SharonWhite is an economics graduate and was an ex-Treasury official havingexperience of around 29 years in the public sector. She was havinglittle knowledge in telecoms industry till she joined Ofcom and shehad taken over the position of Chief Executive Officer from EdRichards in 2015.... Read More»

Trooli got around £27m for full fibre broadband roll out

June 9th, 2019 by admin
Trooligot around £27m for full fibre broadband roll outThenewly started ISP Trooli has announced that they have got funding of£26.6 million (€30m) from European investors with which they usefor building new gigabit based FTTP network roll out to reach 5 lakhpremises in the areas of south east of England in another five years.TheISP was founded one year back by Andy Conibere. During that time theyhad done deployments in 2 rural areas of Kent covering 5000 premises.Then they got funds to cover... Read More»

Commsworld moves to new office at London

June 8th, 2019 by admin
Thebusiness focused Commsworld is a leading Telecommunications networkand internet service provider in the UK. They aim to provide alldigital connectivity solutions to clients of all sectors. They manageoptical core network and offer additionally cloud, security and voicesolutions. The ISP aims to plan for 2000km+ long fibre optic cable of8 around UK and they have moved to a new office in London for furtherexpansion. TheISP is at present having network coverage of 10000 km long metro darkfibre ... Read More»
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