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Sky broadband takes out Fibre Unlimited & cuts price of Fibre Max Broadband package

October 11th, 2018 by admin
One of the UK's leading ISP, Sky Broadband has announced that they are removing their FTTC based Sky Fibre (36 Mbps) Unlimited & Phone package from their list of bundles. But they continue with the packages of Standard Broadband with 11 Mbps speed and Sky Fibre Max with 63 Mbps speed. The ISP has not declared the reasons for such removal of the plan which may not be available to new customers hereafter, but it may be a first step for bringing their new FTTP & based ultrafast bro... Read More»

3 months Free broadband by ISP Freeola

October 10th, 2018 by admin
One of the UK's Internet & Web hosting service provider, Freeola has announced that they have introduced a new offer that gives the new customers with 3 months totally free broadband provided the customer should subscribe for full year, paying in advance. The offer is applicable for their ADSL, FTTC, FTTP and based services. The offer is applicable only to new customers (activation/ migrations) and does not applicable to existing customers such as line rental or broadband connections... Read More»

Removal of Tethering Caps by Three UK

October 9th, 2018 by admin
One of the mobile operators in the UK, Three UK has taken out the tethering caps on their 4G mobile plans. Now the customers of Three UK can even enjoy entire monthly data to enable hotspot tethering. The feature helps to convert the phone as broadband router for connecting other computers to access internet. Mostly the mobile service operators used to keep restrictions on the Tethering feature as the users will use maximum usage with this feature to work in other devices than for browsing inte... Read More»

BT goes on trial for new broadband router - Smart Hub 2

October 7th, 2018 by admin
The Consumer Test & Trials team of BT has started their work to have a trial on their forthcoming new faster broadband router “Smart Hub 2” by inviting a few of their home broadband customers to have a test on it. The new router is committed to give better performance and have more features than others. The first edition of Smart Hub was introduced in the year 2016 and it was a great piece of kit and impressive at the time of launch. After that they have developed two variation in their... Read More»

Openreach gives special offer price for 330 Mbps FTTP broadband to ISPs

October 6th, 2018 by admin
Openreach has announced that they are extending their discounted prices of new 330 Mbps FTTP broadband product at wholesale to the Internet Service Providers in the UK until March 31, 2019. Those who have opted for 330 Mbps (50 Mbps upload) FTTP services recently can enjoy the discounts till next march eventhough some ISPs may not pass the benefits to their end users. Last year the new FTTP plan (330/50) was launched to match up with their based products and was given with a bigger discou... Read More»
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