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Ofcom to closely monitor Openreach's legal separation from BT

December 6th, 2017 by admin
Ofcom will be keeping a close watch on the legal separation of the infrastructure body Openreach from parent giant BT. This follows the agreement of BT to the regulatory body's demand for making its subsidiary Openreach into a distinct, legally separate company. As part of this, the infrastructure subsidiary will be required to have its own distinct branding, with every trace of BT's imagery being removed to demonstrate its greater independence. This agreement also will mean that Openreach will ... Read More»

Sigma acquires rural ISP Moorsweb of North Yorkshire

December 4th, 2017 by admin
Moorsweb is a fixed wireless broadband supplier operating across several dales in the remote rural North Yorkshire moors. The rural ISP has been serving homes since 2006, but now has been acquired by Sigma Technologies, after the retirement of Barry Sunley, the former owner. Barry Sunley's firm, Farndale Free Range Ltd, operated the ISP which was first formed with the help of a Yorkshire Reward grant for rural broadband and later benefited from grants from NYnet and NYCC. Fibre back-haul facilit... Read More»

Superfast Broadband to reach 5,300 premises in Worcestershire by a £6.2m contract

December 2nd, 2017 by admin
The Superfast Worcestershire programme has reached out to more than 5,300 more premises, on their superfast broadband network on FTTP/C tech, by an extension contract with BT/Openreach, via this new deal worth £6.2 million. The target is to reach 96% of Worcestershire by 2019. The programme is already pushing connectivity to reach more than 95% of the county and currently has passed 94% of areas. If we include sub-24Mbps areas, the fibre footprint covers around 98%, with a total of 50,707 premi... Read More»

South Norfolk Council to connect rural areas using Wireless Broadband on 10Mbps speed

December 1st, 2017 by admin
The South Norfolk Council will be deploying a new fixed wireless network capable of 10Mbps+ speeds, to connect parts of the regions out of reach of the existing Better Broadband for Norfolk (BbfN) project. The council has tamed up with local fixed-wireless broadband provider, InTouch Systems, using its ITSwisp service to connect the regions. The BBfN project, working with Openreach, is rolling out its network to reach 90% of the county with access speeds of 24Mbps+. They intend to finish the pro... Read More»

Aerial drone used by Openreach to bring fibre broadband to rural village in Wales

November 30th, 2017 by admin
Openreach has become the first in the world to deploy a fibre cable with the help of an aerial drone. Using a drone to carry fibre optic cable is a different challenge. But Openreach had hinted previously about their plans to test this approach. EE has gained such experience in the field while using similar technology to deploy 4G mobile communication. Openreach made its first test in the village of Pontfadog of Ceiriog Valley in Wexham (North Wales), which has all these years been struggling wi... Read More»
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