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Cityfibre appointed City Manager to Southend-on-Sea

April 18th, 2019 by admin
Cityfibrehas been working on roll out of 1 Gbps capable FTTH broadband networkworth £30 m in the town of Southend-on-Sea along with Vodafone. Thetown is a part of Essex, southeast of England. Now they haveappointed a City Manager Aideen Sadler to oversee such network rollout. Thetown is already having more than 90 km length Dark Fibre networkwhich serves only business sites and public sector sites. Under thisnew rollout, Cityfibre will be extending their network to reachmaximum every home and b... Read More»

Cityfibre appointed City Manager for Bournemouth for FTTH rollout

April 17th, 2019 by admin
Cityfibrehas been working on roll out of £35 m worth Gigabit based FTTHbroadband network in the city of Bournemouth along with Vodafone. Nowthey have appointed a City Manager Lucy Cooper to manage and lookafter such network roll out. LucyCooper has earlier worked in Broadband Delivery UK programme underSuperfast Dorset. She was also the president of the Poole chamber ofTrade and Commerce and now she is a board member of Silicon South. Thecity has already with FTTH network through a local ISP Gi... Read More»

Airband begins network rollout in rural Herefordshire

April 15th, 2019 by admin
WirelessISP Airband has informed that they have started roll out of newwireless & fibre optic (hybrid) network to reach around 10 ofrural areas in Herefordshire and it is a part of state aid supportedcontract of wider Fastershire programme. Alreadyaround 96,516 premises in the areas of Herefordshire andGloucestershire have been got benefited with the Fastershireprogramme which has been covered with FTTC and some FTTP connectionby Openreach and Gigaclear. It is desired to reach 97% coverage i... Read More»

Start up ISP Toob got £75m investment for their roll out

April 14th, 2019 by admin
Toob, which is a newly start up ISP based at Portsmouth, has announced that they have got an investment of £75 million. The new ISP was formed by many of former directors of Vodafone which has been planning for a network roll out of 900 Mbps based FTTH broadband network to reach around 1 Lakh+ premises in the UK by 2021.The new funding has been from Government’s National Digital Infrastructure Fund managed by the Amber Infrastructure. NDIF is a commercial fund being supported by Digital ... Read More»

First Utility rebrands to Shell Energy

April 12th, 2019 by admin
FirstUtility is based at Coventry which is an energy supplier as well asan ISP supplies around 7 Lakh+ households. They have recentlyannounced that they have rebranded to Shell Energy which is followedby an agreement with Shell Petroleum Company Ltd by selling theirbusiness. Theyhave switched their British residential customers to 100% renewableelectricity with this announcement. However there is no officialintimation on their broadband service. TheISP promises that they will not raise their bro... Read More»
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