Oxfordshire’s Superfast Broadband rollout achieves 95% coverage

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire partnership has got its roll-out going as planned. The project supported by state aid, in partnership with Openreach, has claimed to have finished the Phase 2 contract, to successfully extend superfast broadband, delivering 24Mbps+ connectivity, to 95% of the county by the end of this year, as was planned.

Over 50% of the premises reached by the rollout have already opted to upgrade to the FTTC/P network. Overall, the expansion has reached an extra 73,000 premises of the currently contracted target of 78,000, under the next Phase 3 extension by Oxfordshire. Once completed, coverage should rise to 96.3%, by the end of next year. Openreach has so far installed 488 new street cabinets, over 460km of fibre-optic cabling, under the contract. However, a separate deal with Gigaclear is rolling out 1Gbps on FTTP tech, in West Oxfordshire. The achievement is timely, as people want the internet for more uses online, this time of the year.

Cabinet Member for Finance, Councillor David Bartholomew, remarked that reaching this milestone ahead of schedule, in the run up to Christmas, is a terrific achievement. He added that they were making use of a combination of co-funding solutions and technologies to reach most remote and smallest parts, to ensure access to faster broadband by businesses and residents here. Openreach’s Steve Haines, the MD of NGA, said they are not stopping and are committed to going further with superfast and ultrafast broadband, having transformed the broadband landscape of Oxfordshire.

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