Openreach’s Mobile Infill Infrastructure Solution soon for operators’ notspot woes

Openreach has announced the launch of their new Mobile Infill Infrastructure Solution (MiiS) product being made available soon to communications providers and Mobile Network Operators, across the UK.

Mobile operators have problems of bringing coverage to some areas, as a notspot or facing patchy connectivity. Localised mobile coverage may not be possible either being too costly or when not possible to deploy traditional mobile cell sites or the bandwidth capacity. MiiS is offered as an alternative that can enable micro-cell sites by utilising Openreach’s national network of poles (excluding Northern Ireland) to position antennas. These can be supported by Street Cabinets with power facility and for installation of radio equipment, to use their licensed spectrum.

Openreach hopes operators would be attracted to the MiiS product, as an alternative to cover blackspots and poor coverage areas. Operators can select the location for installing the antenna that supports 3G and 4G mobile spectrum and be supported by a suitable Openreach connectivity product, to connect to the network and backhaul radio traffic. The operator has to buy his compatible equipment. Openreach will charge ongoing annual rental for the infrastructure. The product will be made available from the 23rd of October, 2014.

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