Openreach’s deal with Grosvenor to upgrade will help more parts of Mayfair and Belgravia

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland owns many properties in the West End including Belgravia and Mayfair. The company has announced a co-investment deal with Openreach, the telecoms infrastructure giant, with a plan to spend £2 million over 5 years to upgrade broadband on its properties across London, using a combination of FTTP and FTTC tech. Some 120 residential and business sites holding 600 premises will be able to get speeds between 40Mbps and 1Gbps. The investment will improve mobile, broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity, provide faster download speeds and upgrade speeds to up-to-80Mbps across hundreds of other premises here. It will also roll-out free public Wi-Fi.

Work on the deployment has started ,with a plan to complete it by July of next year. Many properties found in central London are stuck with Exchange Only Lines (EOL) and these pure copper lines are expensive and difficult to upgrade through a network arrangement work. Grosvenor said the co-investment, which is part of its 20-year vision for ultra-exclusive neighbourhoods, will see these areas listed as one of the worst performing 5%, get to the top 5% for broadband speeds. Openreach’s Kim Mears, managing director for infrastructure delivery, said undoubtedly greater collaboration will help them overcome challenges by working closely with communications providers, developers, landowners and government. One part of the answer is a co investment model like this, which they are keen to replicate throughout the UK, he added.

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