Openreach’s 11 new Areas for FTTP Broadband

Openreach has recently informed about their next lot of 11 areas in the UK for their rollout of 1 Gbps ultrafast FTTP broadband network in this year and plan to reach 3 million premises by the yearend 2020. There will be recruitment of 3000 more engineers.

They have, as of now, covered around 682000 premises with full fibre network. They also made “Fibre First” commitment last year to increase their FTTP rollout to cover more areas.

Openreach already has 24282 employees, hired extra 3500 engineers last year. Hence every week they are targeting to cover 13000 additional premises to reach their target. They have been executing their FTTP rollout since 2008-09. Their fibre first commitment has already begun in Bristol, Belfast, Coventry, Cardiff, Birmingham, Exeter, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Swansea and The Wirral.

The operator also aspires to cover 10 million premises by 2025 which may attract cost of £3bn to £6bn. It may be based on the regulating authority’s soft regulations, logistical barriers and the ability to replace old copper cables with fibre optic etc.

The current happy news is that the operator has planned to announce 11 new areas for FTTP rollout in 2019. They will also have plans to publish information about their next 12 months build plans in their website. Now they are having plans to hire additional 3000 engineers and forming 12 regional training centres in the UK including Bolton, Bradford, Exeter, Crawley, Livingston, Nursling, Newport, Peterborough, Thornaby, Romford, Yarnfield and Northern Ireland.

The 11 new areas that are to be covered in 2019 include Bury, Barking & Dagenham, Bexley, Croydon, Greater Glasgow, Harrow, Merton, Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Salford and Sutton Coldfield.

UK Minister for Digital – Margot James said that publishing clear information on Openreach’s plans on their fibre network rollout is very important aspect. Their long term commitments will guarantee the communities to get benefited with their networks. The requirement for Full fibre network is increasing and the government is working hard to form an environment to support commercial investment like this.

CEO of Openreach – Clive Selley said that Openreach is having ambition in building full fibre networks as early to ensure the country to get benefited with future data requirements that helps in improving productivity and sustainability in the digital economy. Already they have been building their high quality networks at competitive cost and at present want to increase their network rollout to bring more connectivity this year. For this they are working towards their target of 3m premises by 2020 with 13000 premises a week and recruiting new engineers to complete their commitment. They announced their next 11 new areas of FTTP roll out and will be publishing information on their plans in their website.

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