One of the First to get 100Mbps Broadband is Trowbridge

The residents of Trowbridge can now prepare for accessing fast broadband at almost twenty times the average national broadband connection speed as the area has turned out to be one of the first in the south west to get the fastest broadband in the United Kingdom.

To be preciser, the 100Mbps fibre optic (FTTP) broadband service of the cable broadband giant of the country, Virgin Media is going on sale in Trowbridge for the first time. This development will make the area one of the faster internet spots in the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media believes that the residents of Trowbridge will be virtually blown away by the capabilities of a 100Mbps fast fibre to the premises broadband connection and the actual impact it can have on the consumers’ day to day life.

The difference between the consumers’ existing broadband connection and the ultrafast 100Mbps fibre optic broadband connection can be visibly apparent from uploading of family holiday videos for sharing with friends to the downloading of an full music album in just seconds.

Using the 100Mbps broadband service the consumers can download a high quality movie in one and a half minutes, a HD movie in almost seven minutes, a television programme in about thirty seconds and albums in five seconds.

The development has also been welcomed by Andrew Murrison citing the potential of the advanced service in serving the local businesses and individual consumers alike.

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