Ombudsmen Services preferred channel now by ISPA and ITSPA, as CISAS dropped

The Ofcom approved handler of consumer complaints, Ombudsman Services, has been officially taken up by the Internet Service Providers association and the Internet Telephony Services providers Association (ITSPA) and the earlier CISAS dropped, under the Alternative Disputes (ADR) scheme. Members of these trade organisations gain free access to an ADR through the CISAS till recently. This changed from the beginning of this year (1 January), as both the trade organisations swapped from CISAS to Ombudsmen Services: Communications.

Complaints currently filed with CISAS will be continue to be dealt with, but no new cases will be taken on hereafter. Many of the ISPA members are yet to update this change in their websites. It could create confusion for customers, but things will be sorted out in the coming few weeks.

Ocom the telecoms regulator, requires all broadband ISPs to be a member of an ADR scheme which is designed to supplement, but not replace, the ISP’s internal complaints handling process. ADR is used only when a dispute has gone unresolved for 8 weeks to reach the Deadlock Letter stage.

Chief Ombudsman, Lewis Shand Smith, said they look forward to help to improve ISP’s customer service models and to offer impartial resolution services free to customers if they face a problem.

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