Ofcom: Use Wi-Fi abroad to cut risks on hefty bills

Going online using WiFi, smartphone and tablet owners could save a lot on bills while in overseas, Ofcom has warned. According to Ofcom, tablet user might end up paying hefty bills particularly if he is outside Europe.

People travelling outside the UK are advised to use WiFi hotspots rather than their device’s internet connection in order to avoid huge bills. Users can access WiFi in places such as cafes, hotels and restaurants. Also, there is no need of switching on data roaming to access WiFi. According to Ofcom, users can download apps that search for WiFi hotspots and intimate the user so as to use it further to get online. It will thus help him avoid a shock upon their return.

As holiday makers’ use tablets widely to get online it is always wise to use WiFi to browse, download maps and to browse social networks. Tablets contain apps that are useful for both children and adults.

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