Ofcom to closely monitor Openreach’s legal separation from BT

Ofcom will be keeping a close watch on the legal separation of the infrastructure body Openreach from parent giant BT. This follows the agreement of BT to the regulatory body’s demand for making its subsidiary Openreach into a distinct, legally separate company. As part of this, the infrastructure subsidiary will be required to have its own distinct branding, with every trace of BT’s imagery being removed to demonstrate its greater independence. This agreement also will mean that Openreach will be run by the newly formed board, with the majority of the board consisting of directors independent of BT.

Ofcom said it will asses how far Openreach is improving its network ans also if its delivery of service is of better quality. This follows shortly after the Chief Executive of Ofcom, Sharon White, approved of BT for the positive progress made to implement the ‘governance reforms’. However, the regulator will keep a watchful eye on how Openreach is working for telecommunication users, to ensure that Openreach and BT go by the letter and spirit of their commitments. The Chief Executive stressed that if any problems emerged, the regulatory authority will not hesitate to act.

Ofcom has a programme for the period 2018-2019. The watchdog also calls for the broadband industry to hike their investment into new fibre networks. Ofcom believes it can deliver more reliable and faster broadband, besides supporting the future economy of the UK. The regulator stressed that it would continue to work with the industry to promote investment in 5G mobile and full-fibre infrastructure.

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