Ofcom plans big for 5G mobile broadband

5G mobile broadband will be brought in moving away Freeview TV signals, Ofcom said. This move has been made to get rid off data capacity crunch that has been caused due to high demand from tablets and smartphones customers.

Although the auction for 4G airwaves is yet to be taken and 5G services are still under lab testing, Ofcom has announced that it will utilise 700MHz radio spectrum band that is currently taken up the digital terrestrial television. However, broadcasters may have to shift to 600MHz band but certainly not before 2018. Also, customers may have to install a roof top aerial or make a small adjustment by re-tuning their equipment.

A total sum of £180m has been set aside to provide broadcast for those who will be affected when 4G services will be laid. Despite being criticised for the delay in the 4G auction process, Ofcom has decided to begin its process in the month of January with a total amount of £1.3bn.

According to Ofcom it is acting earlier on 5G spectrum because the demand for mobile data could be 80 times more than the present conditions and has doubled in the last year.

As per the data collected, Britons are consuming more than 20 million GB of mobile data every month compared to 9 million GB per month last year. Ofcom plans to bring Britain upto the line of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Although plans are being made based on the proposed rise in the demand of mobile data, the demand might slow down when mobile phones and smart phones reach a saturation point. Compared to 4G spectrum, 5G network will consume lesser spectrum capacity as well as less power.


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