O2’s 4G mobile network to cover 42% of UK residents

The mobile network operator O2 has announced that they would be able to cover 41% of the outdoor population in UK, on their new Mobile Broadband network, using 4G technology.

Launched last year O2’s 4G network has connected its one millionth customer recently. Covering 191 towns and cities, to reach about 20 million people , they expect to upgrade 25% of their transmission msts by 2014 end. O2 has won Ofcom’s 800MHz band as coverage obligation lot. O2 is thus obligated to bring “indoor reception” to at least 90% of the UK population by 2017 end on their Mobile Broadband. O2 has committed an extra £16 million to help cover places that are yet not covered as ‘mobile notspots’ (of over 200 places).

O2 and Vodafone have a network sharing agreement, which help both operators pool some parts of their infrastructure to support a seamless grid for the two competing and independent network operators. O2 claims that their 4G customers have used up more data in 6 months from launch, than what their whole network logged as data traffic from 2000 to 2008.

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