O2 to use new 2.3GHz mobile spectrum to upgrade 4G services

O2, a major mobile operator of the UK, had squired through Ofcom’s recent auction, the 2.3GHz spectrum band, a frequency fit fir 4G services and they will not be wasting time in the rapid deployment O2 intends switching on of services via 1,000 sites spread nationwide, by the end of the year.

O2 was the only bidder to acquire the bandwidth, which apparently is one of the best to put immediately into use, as the spectrum bandwidth is currently supported by numerous smartphone models and many countries across the world presently are using this band for mobile services. Some 40MHz of the 2.3GHz bandwidth is available for use to the operator.

O2 has already said that they have switched-on transmission on the new spectrum for 4G within 24 hours of acquisition. The operator expects to complete upgrade of a hundred sites in the UK by the end of the month, which includes Nottingham, Leeds and London.

The operator claims they already cover more than 98% of the British populace on their 4G mobile network. However, the 2.3GHz acquisition will boost capacity as it is also usable along with LTE Advanced technologies, like Carrier Aggregation, which empowers multiple band usage simultaneously and thus increases Mobile Broadband speeds significantly.

The COO of O2, Derek McManus, says they are putting into use the new spectrum as quickly as possible, because customers want fast and reliable connections. They have switched-on the new 4G spectrum within 24 hours and its quick deployment will enhance further the O2 experience for customers, he added.

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