O2 rolls out 4G coverage for new areas in southern UK

O2, a telecom giant, has made announcements for the roll out of 4G broadband network coverage for a number of cities and towns located in the southern part of England. It has been revealed by the company that 4G technology will be implemented in major urban centers such as Southampton, Reading, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. Alongside, small areas such as Royal Wootton Basset, Stroud, Castleford, Knottingley, Ossett, Whitefield, Mosborough, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Poole, Carterton and Didcot will also be benefited.

This situation will mean that O2 is currently providing its 4G technology across wide areas, spanning 232 cities and towns in the UK, thus far. O2 has cited that the advantages gained by customers using 4G technology will enable them to enjoy quicker gaming, improved video streaming and faster music downloads. Ofcom has reported that 6 million people are now subscribed to 4G technology in UK. Juniper Research has forecasted that, by 2020, 4G technology would have crossed one-fifth of the global mobile connections.

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