North Yorkshire Project’s additional funding helps to reach 97% target

The Superfast North Yorkshire project has been deploying superfast broadband (24 Mbps) network to reach 95% coverage in England and recently the project was secured an additional funding of £11.15 m from UK Government’s £75 m Rural Broadband Infrastructure Scheme which could help the project to reach 97% target from the current target of 95%.

The current SFNY contract with Openreach is expected to reach 95% premises by June 2021 (now at 90%). The Phase 3 contract was extended in the county to reach 14239 additional premises with ultrafast FTTP/ FTTC technology and new roll-out map published in this May has been again updated. In the month of July, the project had secured £11.15 m additionally from Government’s RBIS fund and RBIS is a part of the Rural Development Programme for England.

There is no information on the areas going to get benefitted from this additional funding. But the programme would like to cover 97% target of superfast broadband and aspire to reach 100% in future.

Executive Member for Access – Cllr Don Mackenzie said that they welcome the RDPE award which will give SFNY programme a major boost to bring superfast broadband network to the areas not reached yet. The project is expected to cover 97% of all properties in the county and it will be announced about the full details of additional premises soon. Digital infrastructure is a must for growing business, homes, health and education and so on. They also do not intend to wait for completion of Phase 3 for phase 4 beginning to propose to reach 100% coverage.

The UK Government itself is thinking of “full fibre” network which shows Phase 4 may be delivered with more of FTTP coverage.

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