North Dorset Superfast Broadband Campaign completes Ist Phase

North Dorset’s broadband internet community will be marking the beginning of the phase 2 of their campaign to bring superfast broadband to the region by placing before the Parliament the requirement of the district of a superfast broadband infrastructure.

Campaigners who are bidding to carry fibre optic broadband technology to the county’s north received a condign impetus when executives from some of the major players in the telecommunications sector travelled to listen to the leaders of the communities in Blandford, spelling out the economic importance of having an enhanced digital infrastructure.

Last day the MP of the district had added his name to a motion in the Parliament demanding the government’s pledge of providing all in the United Kingdom with a 2 Mbps minimum fast broadband by 2015 to be honoured.

AZround sixty people for the telecomunications firms, community groups and councils packed into the parish rooms of Blandford last Friday to listen to the findings put forth by a comprehensive report. The CPEND campaign was spearheaded by Blandford’s DT11 Forum’s Steve Adamson.

Incidentally, the delegates also heard from the project team of DPSN (Dorset Public Sector Network) funding bid of which to the body in charge of the GBP 830 million broadband strategy of the government, Broadband Delivery UK, was submitted last month.

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