UK ISP Nildram Launches Enhanced Upstream And SDSL Broadband


A couple of broadband services, which are Tiscali ADSL 2+ technology-based product infrastructure extentions, have been launched by Nildram UK ISP, the joint venture of Pipex and Tiscali. Nildram is one ISP that is famous for its helping organisations of different sizes to web-enable their operations, ranging from micro home/office to enterprises of medium size. Both the services would offer speeds of up to 24Mbps, and are business broadband services.

The Enhanced Upstream broadband package offers up to 16Mb downstream speeds and up to 2.5Mb upstream speeds. Promoted as an ideal business broadband package for small to medium sized industries, Enhanced Upstream can also perfectly blend with design companies and media firms that bank on reliable and steady bandwidth. Three additional features are included in the package, such as a webspace of 100MB, download speed of 500Kb guaranteed and unlimited data transfer.

The SDSL (M) broadband package has been launched by Nildram to challenge the leased line services and SDSL of BT. This product offers the business user the freedom to select from a platter of four symmetrical yet different download and upload speeds; 2Mb, 1.5Mb, 1Mb and 512Kb. Free enhanced care service back-up is also offered along with this package that promises to solve any service interruption within 10 hours.The interesting fact here, is that the customer would be compensated with a month’s service rental refund if the downtime exceeds the 10 hours on offer.

GBP19.50 per month, plus VAT is the price of the new Enhanced Upstream broadband service product that comes in addition to GBP80 as the joining fee. Meanwhile, a 512Kb service package of SDSL (M) is where the price range starts at GBP59 plus VAT. All the latest business broadband services products of Nildram are 12 month contracts.

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