New supplier partnership with FirstGroup and Blu Wireless for upgradation of 5G connectivity in trains

Recently there has been a new supplier partnership agreement announced between FirstGroup, Blu Wireless, Network Rail and the Department for Transport, DCMS. The new arrangement is to install Gigabit based 5G Fixed Wireless Broadband on-board trains to enable the passengers to get broadband services for Great Western Railway, South Western Railway, the TransPennine Express and Hull Trains.

FirstGroup is running many rail franchises. Both FirstGroup and Blu Wireless will find solutions for commuter connectivity by using super fast connections with 5G track to train infrastructure. Earlier the operators have suffered with difficulties to solve the issues of such poor connectivity due to various reasons. But FirstGroup has created an affordable and end to end solution with the help of Blu Wireless and other suppliers. With this solution, the passengers can enjoy super fast, reliable HD video conferencing, video streaming, 3D gaming, fast browsing and secure access to office applications during their travel journey in trains.

The provider uses large amount of bandwidth at millimetre wave radio spectrum frequencies in the 57-71GHz bands to provide gigabit capable speeds that is suitable with cost, power constraints and the demanding system for this railway application. Blu Wireless is using the same technology for other services to provide FTTH using wireless connectivity.

Mark Barrett from Blu Wireless said that this technology is uniquely adapted FWA solution and it does not involve costly and complex infrastructure. They believe that providing gigabit capable data rates with cost-effective and low-power operation will be helpful in offering FirstGroup’s best in class Wi-fi services for train passengers.

FirstGroup’s Head of Digital Comms – Simon Holmes said that they have worked hard for more than two years to bring this solution that will help to deploy 5G solutions to benefit the railway commuters. And their partnership with Blu Wireless makes forward stepping in bringing better connectivity and expect to with all the suppliers to ensure better success of the project.

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