New Quantum secured fibre network by BT

BT confirmed that last week they have built first high speed quantum secured fibre network. The network works on quantum encryption and is able to transfer data at 500 Gbps speed and the distance of the network built is 120 kms running over multiple exchanges from BT Labs located in Adastral Park, Ipswich to Cambridge University. The fibre is running between Centre for Photonic Systems of Cambridge University Engineering Department through quantum repeater stations located at St Edmunds , Bury & Newmarket amd the BT Labs.

Quantum Communications Hub has led the project which is a research hub formed to do research on quantum technology as a part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme. The technology hub is having partnership of 8 UK Universities, various public sector bodies and private sector companies formed to explore fundamentals of quantum science to develop secure technologies for communication services.

The new network was constructed over the two years by researchers of BT, the University of Cambridge and the University of York with ultra speed high secure connection with the co-funding by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

The quantum links are un hackable as the links rely on the usage of photos (single particles of light) which will transmit through the fibre the data encryption keys. In case any obstruction in transmission, the key itself changes thus alerting the sender about the hacking and the same keys cannot be used by any hackers. The partners use equipment of ID Quantique for transmission of encryption keys using photons across the fibre and the encrypted data runs using equipment from ADVA optical networks through the same fibre networks.

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