New Mobile Wi-Fi Unveiled by 3 Broadband UK

One of the five dominant mobile broadband suppliers of the United Kingdom, 3 UK has unveiled a fresh Wi-Fi service that is all about mobility. The new Wi-Fi mobile service of the broadband provider comes with a portable modem, which allows the users to be connected online with anumerous devices, irrelevant of their place.

It is believed that the new service of 3 would be launched around the Christmas time. The tiny wireless modem offered with the service would help the users to get connected to the 3G mobile broadband network of 3 Broadband.

Another interesting fact pertaining to the small internet modem offered by 3, is that it helps the users to connect any Wi-Fi compliant device such as netbooks, smartphones, iPhones, iPod touch and portable gaming gadgets like Nintendo DS and PSP. It is also worth mentioning here that today, most of the laptops and notebooks come fitted with Wi-Fi.

The new service will require a password to connect, as the Wi-Fi signal comes encrypted similar to a home network. It will also provide the users with liberty of connecting to multiple devices at a time. These facts have spread the news widely that the new modem transcends the USB mobile broadband dongle.

According to the director for sales and marketing at 3 broadband UK, millions of Wi-Fi enabled devices existed currently that had their functioning area restricted to fixed locations or Wi-Fi hotspots, and we had responded to a fast growing consumer demand for affordable and convenient internet access on the move.

He also claimed that the customers could use 3UK’s mobile Wi-Fi to connect to the net, if at home or on the go, providing a 3 signal, and this would help them to tweet or download onto their iPod, a track, or both together without the requirement of wires.


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