New method of trial for broadband line speeds by BT

The UK ISP BT has started for a trial to check the consumer broadband line speeds by using a new method of adding a special code into the end customers router to monitor them. This is the step which enables the ISP to comply the upcoming changes by Ofcom.

Ofcom has announced last year a new Voluntary Code of Practice for Broadband Speeds which provides the customers more information on their estimated line performance based on peak time speeds and they can quit contract in case of any issues that cannot be rectified in 30 days. The new code will be expected to start from March 1, 2019. For this, the ISPs are in a situation to check the actual speeds on each package during peak time. The web based speed tests are not reliable and influenced by many issues such as network congestion, issues in devices used by the end users, speed of the wifi etc.

The ISPs have been alternatively trying to find out various other methods say finding from speed performance data from wholesale suppliers and installing special code in the end user’s router. The router code option is gaining favours by some of the ISPs and BT is trying to use this method. BT has started inviting few selected customers to help them in trial for checking the broadband performance speed and said that they will tests on your lines to enable their systems to get the new speed checks. This may lead to line slow down temporarily maximum of 24 hours.

There is no further information about their trial. BT will also be very careful in this trial as it would not affect the latency and service speed of the users. The end users will also expect to get an email and message after this trial test indicating speed changes.

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