New Magic Desktop Parental Controls by TalkTalk

One of the leading fixed-line broadband internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom, TalkTalk has introduced Magic Desktop that is a fresh software that enables effective and advanced parental control.

A walled garden environment will be provided by the new service by the internet service provider, by which the kids are only permitted to visit those websites that carry the approval of the parents or the guardians. This service also ensures that the children could only email only a selected contact list of people approved by the parents.

Another advantage of this new parental control software developed by the broadband provider that offers some of the cheapest business broadband packages, is its blocking the access of children to any file on the personal computer or laptop of the parent or guardian.

This service from TalkTalk ISP allows children to set up a point bank by finishing learning exercises, which can be redeemed by them then to play games for amusement. Here the parents can also contribute for performing homework or chores in the offline world. These facets of the service make it clear that it better suits the younger children than for the teenagers.

TalkTalk sources claim that they are planning to avail the service for free through an exclusive deal, but only for the existing customers. To upgrade to its premium service, the customers can pay a one time price of GBP 19.99. The premium version of the service includes more than hundred extra educational puzzles and games.

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