New ISP Zzoom starts network testing

The new ISP Zzoom, which was launched recently by Gigaclear’s founder, has revealed that they have assembled and powered up complete test of their new network to proceed for roll out. The new ISP aims to reach around 1 million premises to bring their 10 Gbps based FTTP broadband network by the year 2024.

With £1m as an initial investment by the CEO Matthew Hare, recently the ISP announced that they planned to use ADTRAN’s next generation XGS-PON based solution for their network deployment to deliver the full fibre services. The ISP focuses to target on commercial viable urban areas mainly smaller cities and suburbs of large cities. They are planning to start their first network deployment to begin in this summer and for that they are working to get more investments from investment partners to help their network roll out.

The test bed built by them is just designed to replicate their future network and looking like cabinet box having cream boxes and flashing lights which also includes interest connection, 100 Gbps core connection and multiple XGS-PON Optical Line Terminations. It has customer Optical Network Terminals and broadband routers.

Zzoomm Stated that they will be doing testing for different software loads to make sure to run better and reliable network and the test bed will be used to manage software and hardware failures also to make it as better network that can deliver continuous service to their customers. Soon all can expect real Zzoom network coming to live.

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