New fixed wireless solution by Nokia and Facebook uses 60GHz spectrum

A new fixed wireless access product is being developed jointly by giants Nokia and Facebook. They are teaming up to build this solution which will enable operators to offer customers Gigabit speeds. It combines Facebook’s Terragrph mesh backhaul system and the fibre access technologies with WPON (Wireless Passive Optical Network) of Nokia, exploiting the 60GHz bandwidth. This band requires no licences in many countries, which includes the UK, USA, Germany and Japan.

The President of Nokia Fixed Wireless Networks, Federico Guillen, said that when two companies like Facebook and Nokia join hands to bring new technological innovations, it is undoubtedly exciting. He went on to say fixed wireless access getting popular and suits their multi-technology mix, that can offer gigabit broadband much sooner to more people.

VP of Connectivity at Facebook, Yael Maguire, said Terragraph is made for providers to deploy reliable, faster connectivity for urban users and their partnership with Nokia is in building an open ecosystem, providing via 60GHz technologies, interoperable solutions, which will only help Terragrah advance. Nokia had launched in last October its WPON solution. It is an upgrade partly of their Intelligent Access portfolio. This solution using a combination of fixed and wireless tech helps operators to extend networks.

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