New Eclipse Internet Broadband and Phone Service Bundles

One of the emerging internet service providers of the United Kingdom, Eclipse Internet has announced the arrival of a complete bundle package on their network that bundles their new phone call and line rental bills onto a single bill.

This new cheap broadband and phone service bundle package offered by Eclipse Internet is available to both existing and new customers of the internet service provider. However, a twelve month standard contract applies to the package.

The new phone services’ prices start at just GBP 12.50 a month inclusive of VAT. This includes the line rental, free weekend and evening calls to United Kingdom landlines beginning with 01,02 and 03, free last caller identification and free voicemail.

Along with this, a free 1000 anytime call minutes every month package can also be taken by the customer by paying an amount starting from GBP 15.60 a month.

Customers can take both these options alongside the broadband packages of Eclipse Internet that starts at GBP 12.50 a month for the Eclipse Home Lite that offers speeds of up to 24Mbps and usage allowance of 2GB.

The customers that seek more usage allowance can go for Eclipse Home Select that offers a data allowance of 50GB by paying GBP 20.50, or Eclipse Home Pro that offers a usage allowance of 100GB plus free usage between 11 pm and 9 am for GBP 30.50.

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