New broadband network built by Signa caters to Hutton Wandesley Estate and others

A new fixed-wireless broadband network has been built by Signa to cater to the Hutton Wandesley Estate, a rural business park in North Yorkshire. The superfast broadband service, designed and built after a lot of planning, will also help to serve not only isolated firms, but also can be expanded to reach local residents in the area. The network was built with assistance from Deep Blue Telecoms. Tenants can expect speeds from 10Mbps, going up to 30Mbps, in packages, and can offer more if demand requires.

The Director of Hutton Wandesley Estate, Sasha York, said they have finished building the first part of the superfast broadband wireless project and will be expanding it in the second phase to residents of Angram village, a small hamlet west of Yorlk, ignored by big ISPs. The project provides business class service to commercial tents hosted at the offices of Manor Farm Barn and Sycamore Barn in Angram. She explained that they have struggled with what the national ISPs were supplying, 1Mbps at the best, which was not suitable for online businesses of today. Trying to work out a solution for over 2 years, they finally worked with Signa Technologies and Deep Blue Telecoms to put the service they wanted in place, she added.

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