New app launched by YouTube TV for TV devices

Live TV can be streamed on Android TV devices thanks to the new app launched by You Tube TV. Google’s OTT live streaming platform has built the app for TV devices, including those with Android TV built-in and Nvidia Shield. Besides on Android TV sets made by Sony and other manufacturers, the app will be made available on the Xbox One series of devices,

YouTube TV will be launched in the next few weeks on smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony and on Apple TV. It has recently added to its TV device support a Voice Command facility by pairing Google Home and Chromecast. Details of You Tube TV’s live OTT service was revealed last February. It was launched in 5 cities in the USA on 5th April and 10 new markets added in a launch in July. Chromecast contributed to half the time spent totally in watching YouTube TV streams, according to YouTube.

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