New 4G+ Home Router with 200GB data plan offered by EE

EE, the major mobile operator, has launched a new Home Router, the LTE Advanced Category 7 one. This 4G+ capable router (of size 146x146xx32mm) is in theory able to handle speeds of up to 300Mbps. EE offers it with a huge 200GB per month data allowance, but it doesn’t come cheap.

The new router is capable of connecting 32 devices on its WiFi reach. It promises download speeds of up to 90Mbps on the 4G network of EE. The device is however capable of handling LTE Category 7 service. The router based on MDM9240 platform, can use the Carrier Aggregation tech using 2 radio spectrum bands simultaneously, to offer up to 100Mbps upload and 300Mbps download speeds.

Traditionally, mobile service providers have found it difficult to offer a good alternative to fixed line service as they are expensive and put data caps, plus have other issues like service coverage or quality. However, EE is ambitiously expanding to cover 83% of the landmass and to reach 95% by 2020. As the deployment rolls on, EE seems to be focusing on the issue of data usage.

The operator now offers plans that are up to 200GB, monthly on a 18 month plan. Customers can opt alternatively purchase of the router via an upfront payment of £129.99, along with pre-loaded data of 10GB. Other monthly plans are- 10GB for £25, 50GB for £50, 100GB for £75 and 200GB for £100.

The MD of Marketing at EE, Max Taylor, said the 4GEE Home Router offers subscribers a great alternative to the fixed line service. It’s ideal for customers getting slower speeds on fixed-line, or for those who need instant WiFi connectivity or move house frequently, the MD added.

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