Nearly 1 million premises reached by alternative full-fibre broadband providers

A finding in a report says that close to 1 million premises in the UK are offered ultra-fast broadband by alternative full-fibre broadband providers. The report, by Point Topic and Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA), points to a figure that’s near;y double the number BT has reached. The report also predicts that nearly 12.25 million premises will be reached by 2025, by full-fibre deployments of altnets and this would have live connections of around 14 million, and altnets could cover almost 50% of the nation’s population.

The Chief Executive of INCA, Malcolm Corbett, commented that, as the findings show great progress made by altnets in both uraban and rural areas, they are delivering what the country needs for prosperity in the long-term, which is a future-proofed digital infrastructure. He remarked that rather than relying on the incumbent, we would get high-speed wireless broadband and ultra-fast full-fibre networks through the investment and competitive dynamics of altnets.

The Chief Executive pointed out that “tremendously helpful” support for the sector by the government to altnets can speed up deployment of new networks and related services. Applauding the findings of the report, Digital Minister Margot James said the right environment to drive investment has been created and that she was pleased by the ambitious plans over the next few year of altnets, to reach more millions of premises. The government’s move to withdraw business rates for new fibre-optic deployment for 5 five years, investment in new fibre networks and 5G projects, shows its support to these goals.

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