Mozilla and ZTE to release Firefox OS

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE has disclosed that together with Mozilla it will introduce the new Firefox operating system by the end of this year.

Although the commitment of the company is to both windows phone and android, David Dai Shu who is the spokesperson of ZTE told Reuters that the company is planning to release the new Firefox OS together with the first new handsets equipping smart phone OS of Mozilla.

He said that they are striving to boost their efforts in developing their own operating system when offering gadget based on the android. All this is the part of their larger plans to make a good balance of devices utilizing different operating system. They will not simply rely on windows or android.

However, till now not much is known about the full details of the Firefox OS but the leaked screenshots has disclosed that the new operating system will not be too dissimilar to android or IOS. The home screen of the Mozilla’s Firefox OS features an Android-like lock screen and four columns of the icons, indicating that the new operating system will not be radical in its design. It is however known that the apps on the new Firefox operating system will be mainly based on JavaScript and HTML this implies that it is possible to have plenty of apps.

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