Mobile network of EE upgraded to boost speeds up to 450Mbps

UK’s major mobile operator, EE, has announced the upgrade of their 4G+ based Mobile Broadband network. The upgrade to the latest technology of Cat 9 LTE Advanced (LTE-A) combines multiple spectrum bands to deliver, in theory, speeds of up to 450Mbps. EE has already used Carrier Aggregation technology based on LTE-A. The operator is able to deliver “double speeds” over parts of their 4G network, but is mainly provided over selected urban parts in the 150 towns and cities across the nation. This deployment called Category 6 (Cat 6) works by pairing two slices of the spectrum in the 1800MHz and 2.6GHz bands, offering amazing speeds for capable devices.

The next phase of the upgrade will support Cat 9 devices. The deployment works by enabling a third slice of spectrum for support of superfast 4G services. It will cover 500 sites, again over the 150 towns and cities, probably by the end of the next year. Mobile devices on the Cat 9 LTE-A network can in theory, as per lab tests, get speeds of up to 450Mbps. However, real world situation has network congestion, available capacity, the location, signal quality and such factors in play, which can affect actual performance.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, remarked that there’s no point in having latest smartphones on a network that can’t support such devices capable of top speeds. He said they have invested to ensure that customers get the most out of the network and can keep up with the highest speeds of their devices. With 4G+ now supporting Cat 9 devices, plus 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling, customers on EE will get more out, than any other network, from their new smartphones, he added.

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