Mobile Market to witness the progress of Mobile VoIP Setting

Voice over internet protocol networks has gained a secure position on telecommunications market while on the other hand it has started to replace the PSTN phones as the main telephony gadget used not only for the personal use but also for Industrial and commercial use as well. The rise in demand for more effective as well cheaper communication facility, VoIP technologies is looking forward in the mobile market. Mobile handset can be changed into a VoIP phone with the help of SIP clients, which is the same protocol that is required for voice as well as video communication with the help of internet service.

VoIP mobile plays a major part in merging customer entertainment, information technology, electronics and global telecommunications. It is possible with the software-based integration to present existing mobile handset or by developing a latest mobile hardware, the technology guarantees to provide to the mobile market a new world of advanced functionalities.

Offering VoIP networks for mobile will be a hot cake for many leaders of industry for it gives a trustworthy communications technology.

But there are two major factors that play an important role here. Firstly, the integration of the software of the standard SIP clients in the hardware that is available at present. Whereas the other is to open up the present platforms in order to permit dual-mode calling facility necessary to switch from standard mobile network into the IP network.

Some of the VoIP providers at present provide all the network calls free of cost. Skype which is one such provider offers pay-per-use or fixed monthly credit plan to make calls to mobile phones or other landline phones. Some providers will require activation free while others will not need it. These charges are cheap as well as minimal than the charge of the standard mobile service. The customer can select their own SIP application in order to choose their perfect VoIP service provider. The VoIP mobile experience can be upgraded or integrated with the help of other useful applications for various telecommunication needs.

In the year the total broadband market was approximately more than 450 million users across the world and it will grow annually at the rate of 40%. Whereas the mobile broadband speeds is progressing than that of the fixed networks, the use of VoIP through 3G and 4G handsets is aiming to rise up to 100 million in the year 2012 and about 300 million of users by the end of 2013.

Several research as well as analytics groups in many reports have forecasted this increase of the subscribers utilizing the feature wireless service. Benefits of many mobile VoIP features provided through Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks will continue its progress and by the end of the year 2019, almost half of the mobile calls will be done over VoIP networks.

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