Microsoft drops restrictions on new Xbox One, following feedback

The new Xbox One video game and media centre console form Microsoft required a connection to the internet and imposed restrictions on pre-owned game titles at first. A consumer backlash and frustrated internet communities’ vocal anger has made Microsoft take a hurried U-turn over their decision and has lifted 2 key restrictions. Earlier, Microsoft had said that they would restrict pre-owned games from being traded freely. Plus the internet connection as a must to play all titles, as another restriction. Following the gamers’ irritation and anger, Microsoft has decided to drop the policies.

The changes include:-
An internet connection is not a requisite to play offline  an Xbox One game. No 24 hour connection requirement.
Only a one-time set-up for the new Xbox One, so take it anywhere like Xbox360 and play any disc-based game without connecting online again.
No restrictions to using or sharing games. Trade-in, resell, lend, rent or gift a disc-based game like you do today on Xbox360.
Besides buying a disc, download games from Xbox Live on the release date.
Downloaded games can be played offline as usual.
No regional restrictions to play any Xbox One game on any Xbox One console.

However if you want to lend a game you need to lend the original disc like old times. When you play a disc-based game, the disc must be in the tray or Blue-Ray drive. That also means no sharing or reselling of downloaded game titles. The company clearly backtracked on its policy, perhaps in the apprehension that they just couldn’t risk losing the forthcoming gaming console war! But Sony had a good laugh and has priced its new PS4 below its rival.

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