London’s Here East Campus in Olympic Park to get 1Gbps Fibre and WiFi service

The Here East campus is based in London’s Queen Elizabeth Park and will in a few days time be enabled with fibre-optic connectivity and WiFi, of ultrafast speeds. The 1.2 million sq, ft. campus will get Ethernet and broadband access speeds of up to 1Gbps. The new network management system, built by technology business Optimity, is owned by Here East. Commercial and retail businesses in the campus will be benefited by the cross-connect platform, as it will allow all tenants to get connected to all services and to the key data-centre locations in the area of London Metro. Several key suppliers involved include Netgear, Emerson, Ruckus Wireless, RG Nets and Juniper Networks.

Here East claims they can provide new connections with “18 times faster” than the national average lead time in the city. They believe they have overcome the long lead times suffered for fibre-optic connections and the costs of installation found to be about 3 times the national average. However it may be pointed out that this campus based in the former Olympic Press and Broadcast Centre, is already well connected, which makes it a lot easier for Here East to provide the service.

CEO of Here East, Gavin Poole, said they are proud of their ability to connect and collaborate, which is a vital part of their vision to deliver Europe’s most connected campus. He pointed out that tenants in London typically endure long lead times and high costs, as landlords have to deal with the administration of many equipment to be installed. He added that as London’s tenants have to arrange their own technology infrastructurem including installing internet connection, Here East has taken all the pain away and companies, large or small, or universities, joining them can become productive as quickly as possible.

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