Launch of Jisc’s Janet South Fibre network by SSE Enterprise

SSE Enterprise Telecoms is a part of SSE Enterprise and they provide world class network connectivity and data centre services.

The service provider has been selected by Jisc of Janet Networks that provides UK research and education sector with highly secure and reliable network which helps them in getting world class communication and collaboration. The network roll out will see 7+ BT exchanges unbundled and use existing Points of Presence (4) to offer better connectivity to around 11 universities and 80 colleges in the UK. Surrey and Southampton are the two universities among the 11 universities to get benefited with the new network and other local colleges will be linked between Aldershot and Bournemouth.

SSEEToperates 15 data centres and 12000 + km private fibre optic and Ethernet telecom networks in the UK using their more than 265 Points of Presence and 80 commercial data centres that can deliver upto 10 Gbps capable bandwidth speeds and even 100Gbps in some areas.

MD of SSEET – Colin Sempill said that by making use of their expertise and networks, Jisc can be able to provide greater connectivity to the most critical field of research and education. They feel happy and proud of their network’s high capacity and low latency which help the education industry that can collaborate across the world. They feel excited to inform about the launch of the partnership with Janet South Network which will help the education sector mainly for 5G and internet-enabled devices. They look for individual customer needs and offer tailored approach to satisfy their requirements. Hence they built partnership with Jisc for the past years.

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