Launch of commercial VoLTE first by Three UK on 4G network

Three UK has now become the first UK provider to deploy the Voice-over LTE commercial service over their network. The service offers high-quality voice calling and messaging of text, over their 4G network, which is usually data centric. Other advantages of the Super Voice service is it uses the 800MHz band of the radio spectrum of the operator. Thus signals can travel even further, penetrate walls more effectively to give better coverage for both outdoor and indoor usage and it will cost less to cover more area.

Three UK will surely offer improved voice calls over 3G and now VoLTE is a bonus, even though the operator has a small slice of the 800MHz, which is 10Mz in total. At launch, there seems only few devices to support this VoLTE technology. However, more mobile phone manufacturers will soon follow suit and by the end of next year we could be seeing about 7.5 million of such compatible devices. Three UK still does not have a native WiFi Calling service that rival operators are now offering. Vodafone O2 and EE are expected to come out soon with their own VoLTE solution. Three UK will see at the time of launch a coverage of 53% of the country’s population. The operator however aims to reach over 65% of UK population by the end of this 2015. The roll-out will be continued on to cover 98%, in a year or so, on their 4G network.

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