June 27 to see the Withdrawal of the AOL Broadband Deal

It has been advertised that time was running out for the interested broadband internet customers in the United Kingdom to take advantage of a latest broadband internet price promotion of AOL.

As a matter of fact, the popular internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, AOL Broadband has been letting the customers to sign up for its broadband servicesfor just GBP 4.99 for the initial three months of the deal.

Nonetheless, AOL Broadband was withdrawing the offer in a period of ten days, which would precisely happen on the 27th of June this year.

According to this broadband package from teh ISP, the customers signing up for it can capitalise on its remarkable download speed offering of 8Mbps, which comes beside a decent data allowance of 10GB. A wireless broadband G router for free of cost is also part of the parcel.

The broadband package from AOL Broadband also offers comprehensive wireless security, installation and online technical back up for 24×7. The price of the package after the completion of the offer term of three months will revert ot GBP 14.99 a month.

It is also noteworthy that TalkTalk, the parent firm of AOL Broadband had recently confirmed that the ISP would carry on with the operation of its exclusive separate branding for the foreseeable time ahead.

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