ISP Zen’s plan to open new office in Leeds

Recently Richard Tang – the Chairman of the ISP Zen Internet has informed in a presentation to the London Internet Exchange that the operator is planning to open a new office in the city centre of Leeds.

The company is at present having 490 employees whereas having capacity of 1000 staff in their office building. The operator is having customer base of around 126,000 and going well. They have achieved £71m of annual turnover which is an upside comparing last year and along with £3m of operating profit which is 55% up, £6m of EBITDA at the end of September last year.

The company is aiming to reach a £100m worth business over a period of 3 years and aspire to achieve a £250m within 10 years. Having this in mind, the Chairman has now said that the company is planning to increase around 83 jobs in a year not only for their headquarters alone.

The presentation shows on history and growth and their future plans and you can watch this video on

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