IonMonkey Speedup JavaScript

Mozilla recently proclaimed the JavaScript processing which is the main element for the great performance of the browser. It will be boosted by the latest technology termed as IonMonkey. This new technology will increase substantially the speed performance of the Firefox on the popular websites ranging from Facebook to Google Docs. It is good news for the midsize companies of the IT community. Browsers are important to access the web. The big vendors will like to utilize browsers in order to keep users in their ecosystems. Mozilla Firefox offers to midsize companies an autonomous browser choice.

As CNET was reported by Stephen Shankland, the IonMonkey update for the JavaScript is now applied for the “nightly” Firefox browser version. The version is rather continues beta that is made available for the developers. In the beginning of coming year, it will be offered to other consumers in a common Firefox update.

Like its predecessors TraceMonkey and JaegerMonkey, IonMonkey commonly termed as JIT is the complier of JavaScript. In the original shape, JavaScript was simply converted line-by-line into the machine code with the help of an interpreter. The languages are complied into the machine code in the big blocks that can be optimized effectively in order to run quicker.

IonMonkey produces the intermediate code for help to boost optimization as well as more speed rather than compiling the language into binary machine code. Trial with various benchmark tools suggests that the IonMonkey is helpful to increase speed of the handling of the JavaScript from 20 to 26% on Firefox.

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