InTouch Systems buys wireless broadband provider WiSpire

InTouch Systems has announced the acquisition of WiSpire, the wireless provder. InTouch based in Hurricane Way in Norwich, operates its fixed wireless service across Norfolk and Suffolk, through the ITSwisp entity. WiSpire are better known and seen to offer faster broadband packages than ITSwisp. WiSpire is again a more known operator, being one of the first to pioneer the method of deploying wireless infrastructure atop churches (using the spires), to reach rural communities. This approach or method has seen the government move in to support, earlier last year.

Recently InTouch has signed a new deal with the South Norfolk Council to deploy a new wireless network capable of 10Mbps+, across areas of the region that are ‘notspots’ or not benefited from the existing project of Oenreach assigned by the betterBroadband for Norfolk (BBfN) initiative. Acquisition of WiSpire meanwhile will help InTouch to delver their contract’s commitment. However, the 10Mbps+ provided is fairly slower than the speeds offered nowadays and so InTouch will hopefully find ways to upgrade their wireless service.

ITSwisp has currently made over the church network 47 connections, with its own masts fixed across the county and this will add to the existing capabilities of InTouch. Director of InTouch Systems, Steve Temple, said churches are perfectly situated to help rural communities and the Diocese of Norwich has supported its expansion, so another 11 churches will be added over the next 12 to 24 months.

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