Inmarsat and BA discuss deployment of In-Flight Broadband

The global satellite communication provider, Inmarsat, has stated that they are in discussion with British Airways (BA) on using their new services of providing in-flight broadband to passengers flying on routes.

Inmarsat based in England, offers the new service by integrating a satellite/air-ground network, that the provider will build by erecting new ground-stations based on 4G. The 4G stations will operate over 30MHz on S-band spectrum, hosted with a new spacecraft named Europasat, hopefully by the end of 2016. Obviously Inmarsat’s existing service of Global Express for aviation, would enhance the coverage globally and place the company ahead of others in the market for in-flight passenger connectivity. Europasat can support emergency network services too.

BA is expected to initially deploy this new service over its domestic routes. Europasat is planned on a shared payload agreement between Immarsat and Hellas-Sat, which is not a competitor, to help cut costs. Thales Alenia Space has been contracted to build the satellite. Europasat is expected to cost around £120 million. The ground network infrastructure is expected to cost up to £150 million. Licensing is being processed with Member States of the EU, to work for a timely deployment of the new services to the aviation sector.

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