In-flight Wi-Fi on short-haul flights of British Airways soon

British Airways is planning to offer from 2017, in-flight Wi-Fi internet access on its short-haul flights, according to its owner, IAG. Other IAG-owned airlines like Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling would be also offering Wi-Fi onboard. Many of the rival airlines have already started offering in-flight internet access, with a few of them offering it free of charge. Wi-Fi on flights is relatively new in UK and Europe, but s more common in the US.

However in-flight internet connectivity was often found to be unreliable and may not influence choice of airline by travellers, according to a travel expert. It may be IAG and BA can offer something better, he hoped. IAG said with Wi-Fi technology provided by Inmarssat, IAG would fit the equipment on to 341 of its planes. Whether to charge travellers access fee or not, is up to the individual airline, said IAG. Costs have not been revealed.

William Walsh, chief executive at IAG, said they will be giving customers the fastest connectivity available on an aircraft, because it is what customers demand. IAG will be, he added, the first airline group of Europe to offer on short-haul flights, high-quality air-to-ground Wi-Fi.

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