Huawei tests ultrafast 10 Gbps WiFi at 5GHz, for 2018

The next generation WiFi WLAN wireless home networking standard will be providing speeds of up to 7Gbps, but only due in 2015. However Huawei has already plans to introduce a 10Gbps standard in 2018.

Huawei is reported to have successfully tested the new standard in their labs at their Shensheu campus. The prototype accomplished a 10.53 Gbps data transmission rate, over the 5GHz frequency band. The Chinese company, a leading information and communications technology (ICT) developer, believes that their service of ultrafast Wifi (10Gbps 802.11ax) would be available by 2018, provided it meets all the usual global standards and requirements agreements. It would deliver 10 times faster than existing WiFi available now, delivering a 10 fold increase in spectrum efficiency on advanced next generation architecture.

The standard plenary meeting by IEEE was held between 12 May and 15 May, at Hawaii, to elect the chair. Dr. Osama Aboul Magd, the Principal Engineer at Huawei Technologies was elected to the chair, to work on the development of the standard of the next generation 10Gbps WiFi Standard.

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