HSPA Broadband Technology

HSPA is the abbreviation for High Speed Packet Access. The HSPA is in fact a collection of mobile telephony protocols that aims at improving the performance of the current mobile systems. The HSPA technology is just like having a broadband mobile system in your mobile phone or laptop. In case you need a cable broadband service then there are a lot of formalities to be considered such as you need to live in a cable serviceable area, you need to own a cable modem etc. HSPA on the other hand is similar cable broadband that does not require you to have any complicated wires or special modem or conditions. It is a type of mobile broadband service that provides you with a high speed internet service on your mobile phone or laptop.

HSPA forms a part of the GSM mobile network; in fact an upgradation done to the GSM 3G network service. To be able to access the HSPA technology all you need to have is an HSPA enabled unit, be it a mobile phone or a laptop. Most of the recent phones or high-end notebooks come with HSPA compatibility. For example the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition (S8300), the Samsung OMNIAHD (I8910), the LG-X120 Laptop come with HSPA compatibility. Apart from mobile phones and laptops, many kinds of power amplifiers, servers, data-cards, docking stations, USB modems and wireless routers also come with built-in HSPA technology.

HSPA can be widely classified into two major categories; the HSUPA and HSDPA. HSUPA is High Speed Uplink Packet Access which allows you to upload data at higher speeds as high as 5.7Mbps. The HSDPA, High Speed Downlink Packet Access on the other hand increases the speed, at which data is received to your device. HSDPA has been around for almost 2 years now and is a common feature offered by most of the enterprise mobile phone models today. The further development to the HSPA technology is the HSPA Evolve, which is also known as HSPA+. This HSPA+ technology is working at providing higher speeds of up-to 42Mbps in the downlink and up-to 11Mbps in the uplink mode. The HSPA Evolve technology is expected to be available by the end of 2009.

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